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King Solomon Health Amulets

Health & Illness Prevention SealThe texts used for the King Solomon Amulets are based on the Old Testament, Book of Psalms, mystical Book of Creation (Kabbalah) and ancient prayers from different religions. The characters used in the amulets are Phoenician and Canaanite (2900 years old) keeping with the period in which they were first made. These old letters also protect the privacy of the wearer. King Solomon was influenced by different religions and combined these graphic and design elements in the amulets.

Healthy Pregnancy & Conception Seal NecklaceKing Solomon considered every problem as a question of two sides that contrasted and complimented one another. It is said he did not believe in a single solution or remedy, in this case health, but rather in amulets for specific facets of health as a whole. That is the reason that the King Solomon amulets are geared towards more specific issues, are personal and include amulets for healing, recovery, mental health, balance, illness prevention, fertility, healthy pregnancy, conception, immunity and recovery.

The King Solomon Health amulets can be worn as jewelry or carried by the person. They require the belief and wish of the person to achieve the goal and solution they offer. One should be "considerate" when wearing the amulet and a person must be aware of its proximity to the body and must allow it to help.

King Solomon Health Amulets include the following:

Healing & Recovery Amulet

Healing & Recovery King Solomon AmuletA King Solomon Amulet is for recovery and healing. It assists the wearer to recover from sickness by improving the mental balance and strengthening will power, ordering the body to fight the illness. It improves physical strength and fights the ill entities that attack the body.

Mental Balance Amulet

Mental Balance AmuletThe combination of the names of the four rivers of the garden of Eden: Pison, Gihon, Euphrates and Hiddekel is considered very powerful for healing purposes. They symbolize the balance and right ratio between water and land and the flowing of life. This amulet helps in case of depression, anxieties, mental stress and problems in the blood circulation. Helps to prevent the mental affects on the body (psychosomatic).

Health & Illness Prevention Amulet

Illness Prevention AmuletA health and illness prevention King Solomon Amulet meant to be a preventative measure, helping to avoid illness and keeping good health. Creates an awareness to a healthier way of life and healthier behavior.

Fertility & Children Amulet

Fertility AmuletA fertility amulet for those who want to have children without difficulties. Helps to have a normal pregnancy and provides the understanding of the right intervals between pregnancies and the correct number of children to have.

Healthy Pregnancy Amulet

Pregnancy AmuletA healthy pregnancy amulet both prevents tensions and stress that might obstruct conceiving, as well as provides physical assistance to the pregnant woman during gestation and prevents any danger to the fetus and mother.

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