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The Hermetic Seal and Philosophers Stone

"Make of man and women a circle; thence a square, thence a triangle. Form a circle (around the three) and you will have the Philosopher's Stone."

Fame & Popularity Seal of SolomonThe seals have been around for thousands of years and there are many examples. This concept of using geometric symbols to represent Man's transformation from the physical to spiritual worlds, is not a recent concept, but dates back to the ancient Greek Pythagorean Philosophy of using geometric symbols to illustrate Man's physical and spiritual transformation. The Hermetic Seal became important with early alchemists as well, when these early scientists sought ways to create more 'abundance' for Mankind by creating gold from certain base metals. It was believed that by combining base metals such as lead with the three elements of alchemical transformation: Mercury, salt, and sulfur, it would be possible to make gold, and therefore bring more physical wealth to Mankind.

One important ingredient was found to be missing, however, and that was the magical properties of an ancient and unknown substance referred to as the Philosophers Stone. This substance, always searched for and never found, was believed to be the final ingredient or 'elixir' needed to make to actual transformation.

Along with physical alchemy, was the belief of Man's ultimate destiny and spiritual transformation as also attributed to the Hermetic Seal, representing the transformations of the human spirit. The final circle represented the universality of the spirit. Alchemists believed that by combining the magical properties of the Philosophers Stone with the physical body and spirit, it would be possible to bring the dead back to life. These ideas have become so intriguing that fiction writer J.K. Rowling used the Philosophers Stone as the theme for one of her Harry Potter Novels.

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