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King Solomon Prosperity Amulets

Prosperity and success are in the wishes of most people. Whether financial or emotional they are a common need we feel. The King Solomon amulets for prosperity and success are designed according to the teachings and literature left behind by King Solomon and are the inspiration for these amulets.

The texts used for the King Solomon Amulets are based on ancient scriptures, the Old Testament, Book of Psalms, mystical Book of Creation in Kabbalah and various religious prayers. The characters used in the amulets are Phoenician and Canaanite, around 2900 years old.

As both a philosopher and mystic scholar King Solomon considered every problem as having a two sided remedy, one contrasting the other and one complimenting the other. It is said he did not believe in a single encompassing all solution amulet but rather in amulets for specific facets of the whole.

That is the reason that the King Solomon amulets are geared towards more specific issues, are personal and for prosperity include amulets for success, fame and popularity, good living and livelihood, achievement and winning.

The prosperity amulets can be worn as jewelry, placed as home d?cor, carried as keychain or just carried on the person. The will and desire of the person using the amulet is significant and is as important as the amulet itself. The wish to wear the amulet, its use, and belief in the power it contains, are critical for its success. One should be "considerate" when wearing the amulet. It is believed that in order to enjoy the amulet, a person must be aware of its proximity to the body and must allow it to help.

King Solomon Prosperity Amulets include the following:

Prosperity and Success Amulet

An amulet for prosperity and successful completion of tasks, assists in providing the owner with the financial success he seeks from his work. If the work is not for profit, it helps achieve success through recognition and professional accomplishment. Prevents distraction from goal fulfillment and obstacles.

Fame and Popularity Amulet

Fame and Popularity amuletThis King Solomon amulet assists its keeper in becoming liked, adored and popular. Creates the feeling of pleasure and enjoyment by people surrounding the bearer. Brings about feelings of sympathy and the desire to help from people around the bearer in any way possible.

Good Living and Livelihood Amulet

Good Living AmuletA King Solomon amulet meant to assist its owner in having and keeping his livelihood and that at any point when he is seeking work, it would be made available. Helps to focus, increase concentration and provide a clear understanding of what is expected and required in terms of work.

Achievement and Success Amulet

Achievement & Success AmuletAchievement and success amulet helps to achieve mental and intellectual concentration towards a goal. Helps optimize and make best use of every physical and mental resource. Best for those who want to win, excel, achieve the first position in anything.

Winning Amulet

This King Solomon amulet helps to concentrate efforts for finding the right time, place and way to bring about victory and winning for the bearer.

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