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King Solomon Protection Amulets

The need for protection both physical and mental has been powerful throughout the ages and the wisdom of King Solomon guided the development of the King Solomon protection amulets.

Evil Eye Protection Amulet on Red StringKing Solomon created these amulets that aided people and provided answers to problems and desires. The texts used for the King Solomon Amulets are based on the Old Testament, Book of Psalms, mystical Book of Creation (Kabbalah) and ancient prayers from different religions. The characters used in the amulets are Phoenician and Canaanite (2900 years old) keeping with the period in which they were first made. King Solomon was influenced by different religions and combined these graphic and design elements in the amulets.

King Solomon considered every problem as a question with two sides that contrasted and complimented one another. For that reason the King Solomon protection amulets help with more specific issues, are personal and include amulets against accidents, Evil Eye protection, new baby protection, travel safety, spiritual protection and safe keeping.

The King Solomon protection amulets can be worn as jewelry or carried by the person. They require the belief and wish of the person to achieve the goal and solution they offer. One should be "considerate" when wearing the amulet and a person must be aware of its proximity to the body and must allow it to help.

King Solomon Protection Amulets include the following:

Amulet for Accident Prevention

Accident Prevention AmuletA King Solomon amulet that creates a feeling of alertness, increases attention, improves judgment and increases both spatial sight and hearing (known to be a good amulet for drivers).

Evil Eye Protection Amulet

Evil Eye Protection AmuletThis King Solomon amulet creates a situation where the internal wishes of a person are so strong and empowered that they become unaffected by external and evil eye influences of strangers. Provides one with protection and full emotional independence. Improves daily performance for the independent in nature.

New Baby Amulet

An amulet for the newborn baby. This King Solomon amulet is meant to soften previous lives and ancestor heritage, pacify the Karma for a new baby. The influence is felt in both body and soul. It improves the baby's health, and helps to direct it's life to a successful path.

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Protection & Safety Amulet

Protection and Safety AmuletThis is a King Solomon amulet for safety and protection. It helps protect the wearer on work trips, business, military service and journeys away from home. The amulet helps the wearer avoid dangers, find the right way, trust worthy friends, allies and good business partners.

Spiritual Protection Amulet

Spiritual Protection AmuletThis amulet works mainly on the mental and spiritual spheres. It creates a permanent protective wall against any attempt of people, evil spirits, demons and angels of destruction to impair its owner's spirit, to deviate, hurt or arrest his development, relationships, and spiritual creativity. It creates calmness, stability and self assurance.

Safe Keeper Amulet

Safe Keeping AmuletThis King Solomon amulet provides protection, keeps the wearer safe and makes him/her able to make the right alliances.

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