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Queen of Sheba's First Visit to Jerusalem

In a Rabbinical account, it is told that King Solomon, to whom according to legends God gave the ability to control all living things, was accustomed to ordering the living creatures of the world to dance before him.

Queen of Sheba visits King SolomonOne day, however, upon discovering that the mountain-cock or hoopoe (the Hebrew name for the creature is Shade) was absent, he summoned it to him. The bird told him that it had discovered a land in the east, exceedingly rich in gold, silver, and plants, whose capital was called Kitor and whose ruler was the Queen of Sheba. On hearing this account, Solomon sent the bird to request the queen's immediate attendance at his court.

The queen collected together several vessels and with many treasures, selecting 6,000 boys and girls, all of the same age, stature, and dress, and sent them to Solomon with a letter stating that she would visit three years later. When she finally arrived, Solomon was seated within a glass pavilion, and the Queen, thinking that the king was sitting in water, lifted her dress, causing Solomon to smile.

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