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King Solomon Seal for Business & Prosperity

Solomon Seal for BusinessBusiness & Prosperity Seal (1st Pentacle of Jupiter) - A Solomon Seal for acquiring treasure, improving, growing and succeeding in business. This Solomon Seal is composed of mystical characters of Jupiter. Around it are the names of the angels: Netoniel, Devecia, Tzedeqiah, and Parasiel, written in Hebrew.

Business Success Seal of SolomonThe prominent angel on the business seal is Parasiel considered the lord and master of treasures and lost secrets. Other angels included, Netoniel the angel of glory, fame and notoriety. Devecia who provides balance, tranquility, peace and quiet. The angel Tzedeqiah, who brings honor, fame, riches, glory.

The first pentacle of Jupiter serves to invoke the spirits of Jupiter, and especially those whose names are written around the pentacle, among whom Parasiel who is considered the lord and master of treasures, and teachs how to become possessor of places.

The business and prosperity seal is available as a hanging wall decorative piece or as a 925 Sterling silver amulet necklace. You can also get the Business Solomon Seal T-Shirt.

Variations of the Solomon Seals were used to create the King Solomon amulets for Love, Health, Protection, Prosperity, Personal guidance and Zodiac Signs.

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