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Glory & Fortune Seal of Solomon

Solomon Seals gloryGlory & Fortune Seal (2nd Pentacle of Jupiter) - This Solomon Seal is used for acquiring glory, good fortune, success at work and luck. The seal has a Hexagram shape (Star of David) in the center, with the Hebrew letters in the center spelling out the word, Eheie: "I am that I am".

Glory & Fortune SealIn the upper and lower angles of the star, those letter spell out the name AV, The Father. The external ring of the seal has the words in Hebrew: "Wealth and riches in his home and his righteousness endures for ever."

The King Solomon Fortune Seal is available as a hanging wall decorative piece or as a Sterling silver amulet necklace. You can also get a Business Solomon Seal T-Shirt.

Variations of the Solomon Seals were used to create the King Solomon amulets for Love, Health, Protection, Prosperity, Personal guidance and Zodiac Signs.

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