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Physical Protection Seal of Solomon

Solomon Seals: Physical Protection Seal Physical Protection Seal (6th Pentacle of Jupiter) - This Solomon Seal provides protection from all earthly danger and helps in the physical rejuvenation of the body.
The center shape of a cross includes the names in Hebrew of the four spirit princes of the elements: Seraph for Fire, Cherub for Air, Ariel for Earth, and Tarsis for Water.

Physical Protection Seal of SolomonThe external ring of the Solomon Seal has the inscription, "They pierced my hands and my feet, I may tell all my bones.'

The protection seal is available as a hanging wall decorative piece or as a silver amulet necklace piece.
You can also get a Protection Solomon Seal T-Shirt.

Variations of the Solomon Seals were used to create the King Solomon amulets for Love, Health, Protection, Prosperity, Personal guidance and Zodiac Signs.

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